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Young Judge’s Competition

The Young Judges Competition is back after a two year break.

The Young Judge’s Competition was set up in 2015 to provide an opportunity for young people to find out more about the Exmoor pony, its breed standard and way of going as well as experience the art of judging with an aim to encourage youngsters to consider training to become an Exmoor Pony Society judge.

The competition is open to Junior, Full or Family EPS members aged 25 or under. There will be two sections, senior and junior.

There will be one Northern and one Southern competition:

– the Northern will either be at the Northern or Midlands Area Show

– the Southern will be at the Breed Show (Exford)

Any potential young judges please contact Sue Burger for details on how to enter on 07905 250904 or email sueburger@outlook.com

The winner of the competition receives the Pam Ney Legacy award for that calendar year.