200 Club Needs You!

Membership of the Exmoor Pony Society 200 Club combines fundraising for the Society with a chance of winning a cash prize.

Each year of its existence, the EPS has needed to raise funds to help pay for the important work it undertakes. The 200 Club was created for this purpose.

Now that we are more than 100 years old, let’s redouble our efforts to ensure that the 200 Club lives up to its name and we have 2,3,4 or even 5 club members for each year of the EPS’s history. Can you imagine if we had 1000 members?

So if you are already a member, re-join; if you forgot to renew last year, please re-join; and if you have never been a member, JOIN TODAY!

Join your family and friends and for just £1 a month. You have a chance of a monthly prize or being part of the May bonanza. It takes a second to do and means so much to the Society.

There is no limit to the number of entries per person. Three prizes (currently £25, £15 and £10) are drawn every month from June to April and there is a Bonanza Draw in May at which prizes currently range from £25 to £200. Prize money could be increased with a larger membership.

Only winners will be notified directly but a list of winners is available on the website each month. The May Bonanza Draw is usually carried out at the Exmoor Pony Society AGM if it is held during May.

How the 200 Club works

Membership of the Exmoor Pony Society 200 Club combines fund-raising for the Society with a chance of winning a cash prize. Membership costs £12 per annum. The 200 Club year runs from June to May i.e. first monthly draw is in June and the last, the Bonanza Draw, will be May, whereupon subscriptions fall due again. Anyone joining part way through the year will pay an appropriate pro-rata sum or, if they wish, the full £12 to be eligible for the Bonanza Draw.

Membership and inclusion in the monthly draw will commence with the month following receipt of the application and subscription. Each membership will be allocated an individual number. Only those who have paid for a full 12 months membership will be eligible for the May Bonanza Draw. Each month, every 200 Club membership number will be entered into a draw, where an independent scrutineer will pick out the winning numbers.

200 Club Membership Form

200 Club Form

200 Club Results

June 2022
1st Diana Smith
2nd Anne Morgan
3rd Margaret Knox

May 2022 Bonanza Draw
1st Sybil Cook
2nd Diane Smith, Rosalie Hughes, Margaret Partridge Keane
3rd Barry Hitchcox, Kim Adams, Lisa Clarke
4th Sheena Clifford, Mary Ware, Denise Sykes, Dr Peter & Mrs Ceri Wells

April 2022
1st Gilly Barrett
2nd Kim Adams
3rd Molly Backer

March 2022
1st Denise Sykes
2nd Diana Smith
3rd Margaret Jennings

February 2022
1st Helen Mackintosh
2nd Mary Ware
3rd Katherine Kenward

January 2022
1st Harry Woodward
2nd Jane Ryan
3rd Sue Scott

December 2021
1st P Barker
2nd M Barker
3rd Alison Abbott

November 2021
1st Rosalind Buckler
2nd Alan Barker
3rd Joan Austin

October 2021
1st Joan Austin
2nd Karen Ricketts
3rd Clare Perriam

September 2021
1st Margaret Rawle
2nd Nigel Hill
3rd Linda Wood

August 2021
1st P Barker
2nd Diane Smith
3rd Sybil Cook

July 2021
1st Jane Ryan
2nd Kim Adams
3rd Sue Scott