Pony of the Year (POTY)


Qualifying shows will be breed area shows, those area shows nominated by area rep where no area show occurs, the breed show, and any county level or championship show which meets the criteria set out on the show affiliation application forms.

To complete at the final, which will be held at the Midlands Exmoor Pony Show which is being held at Rugby Riding Club (date to be confirmed) the following must apply

1.       Pony must have received a qualifying rosette and card.  The card should be returned to the POTY organsier.

2.       The exhibitor or owner must be a member of the Exmoor Pony Society

3.       The Pony must be in the correct ownership (if a qualified pony changes hand mid season the qualifier will go with the pony provided the owner at entry is an eps member and the transfer of ownership has been completed) if a pony is on loan then then this must be recorded with the eps secretary. Again this information will be checked.

4.       Pony must be registered in Section 1 of the studbook

At the final there will be 3 classes

  • Class 1 youngstock 3yrs & under
  • Class 2 senior (4yrs & over) in hand
  • Class 3 ridden (4yrs & over) lead rein entries if qualified on the lead rein are accepted

Classes will be placed and rosettes will be awarded up to 6th place.

Champion & Reserve sashes will be awarded in all 3 sections and there will be an overall sash for the Supreme Champion.

Premiums will be given to all ponies forward in the ring for the final (one premium per pony) of £25 if you reside within 25 miles of the showground or £50 if you reside more than 25 miles from the showground.


Susannah Muir

Contact details: zannawebb@hotmail.com or susannahmuir7@gmail.com

Exmoor Pony of The Year 2022 (Area Shows)

The final will be held at Midlands Area Show and the EPS will appoint the judge.

Each Area will have two qualifiers, this will either be two nominated shows OR their area show and a nominated show.

At each area show there will be 6 qualification places awarded as follows:

Champion and Reserve Youngstock

Champion and Reserve Adult

Champion and Reserve Ridden

In the case of there not being separate classes the qualification places will be given to the 2 highest place youngstock, adults and ridden ponies that are registered with the EPS.

At each nominated show, if not an area show, 3 qualification places will be awarded as follows:

Champion youngstock or highest placed youngstock

Champion adult or highest placed adult

Champion ridden or highest placed ridden

Pony of the Year 2022

Judge: Mrs Emma Wallace

Pony of the Year 2021

Judge: Mrs Margaret Partirdge-Keane

Youngstock and Overall Champion: Threeshires Elicit Lili
Senior: Benedikt
Ridden: Blackthorn Poem

Pony of the Year 2020

No competition took place due to Covid restrictions.

Pony of the Year 2019

Judge:  Mrs H Sykes

Pony of the Year 2018

Judge:  Mr M Dewhurst

Senior In Hand – Edwinsfield Move Over Darling and Overall Champion
Youngstock In Hand – Dunkery Black Grouse
Ridden – Dunkery Hornbill

Pony of the Year 2016

Judge: Mr D J T Brewer
Senior: Warrenmere Woodcock and overall Reserve Champion
Youngstock: Moonpenny Fantasia
Ridden: Eddra Chillies and overall Champion

Pony of the Year 2015

Judge: Mr J D Lee
Champion: Cosmic Juno
Reserve: Edwinsfield Nocturne
Champion: Moonpenny Fantasia
Reserve: Cellini
Champion: Blackthorn Poem
Reserve: Anchor Fairytale
SUPREME: Cosmic Juno
RESERVE: Moonpenny Fantasia

Pony of the Year 2014

Judge: Mrs A Western
Champion: Cider Apple (J Westcott)
Reserve: Warrenmere Woodcock (E Etchells)
Champion: Bournefield Tudor Rose (P Ward-Burton)
Reserve: Edwinsfield Adagio (D Woodward)
Champion: Cosmic Lacerta (G Whetter)
Reserve: Eddra Chillies (H Rogers)
RESERVE: Warrenmere Woodcock

Pony of the Year 2013

Judge: Mrs R Thomas
CHAMPION: Dunkery Wigeon (M Richardson)
RESERVE:  Cider Apple  (A Westcott)
BEST YOUNGSTOCK: Beinnliath None But The Brave  (F Dickson)

POTY Co-ordinator

Mrs Susannah Muir
11 Green Farm Road, Colne Engaine, Colchester, Essex CO6 2HA
Tel: 01787 828126 Email: susannahmuir7(a)gmail.com