About Showing

Showing is an opportunity for breeders, members and owners to promote their ponies.

The Exmoor Pony Society’s Breed Show takes place on the 2nd Wednesday in August of each year.  The Breed Show hosts the Horse of the Year M&M Open Ridden qualifier and for this class exhibitors can be a member of the National Pony Society or other breed or showing organisation.

Exmoor Pony Society Area shows are held throughout the country and host a number of National Pony Society qualifiers.

In addition, shows around the country can affiliate to the Exmoor Pony Society and are given special rosettes for:

  • Best of Breed
  • Best Ridden
  • Best Gelding and
  • Best Youngstock.

The final of the annual Pony of the Year competition is held at the Midlands Area Show and ponies qualify for the class at shows around the country.  Ponies can qualify for Senior In-Hand, Youngstock In-Hand or Ridden.

Showing results count towards the Society’s Performance, Adult and Junior Awards and Area Awards.

General Showing Rules

  1. All ponies exhibited in classes at shows run by or affiliated to the Exmoor Pony Society must be registered in Section 1 of the EPS Studbook.
  2. All stallions and colts aged 3 years and over exhibited in classes at shows run by or affiliated to the EPS must have been licensed by the Society.
  3. Age is calculated from 1st January of the year of birth.
  4. Mares with a living foal are not eligible to compete in ridden or driving classes.  The foal must be at least three weeks old and must accompany its dam into the show ring.


Always read the show rules carefully to ensure that you are using the correct equipment and are eligible for the classes you are entering.  These rules and codes of conduct  have been compiled to ensure that everyone who enters the show ring understands the responsibilities placed upon them.


If you are new to showing, it is a good idea to watch a few classes first and see how the successful exhibitors do it. Think about preparing your pony well in advance of the show season Don’t wait until the day before the show to begin training! Your pony should be reasonably fit, in good condition and not too fat. Feet should be trimmed by your farrier or shod. Make sure she will load quietly into your trailer or lorry. If you intend showing a pony that is new to showing at larger (eg. county) shows, it is a good idea to enter some small local shows first to get him used to the atmosphere.

Showing Rules and Tips

Show Affiliation Documents

EPS Show Secretaries

Show Affiliation Secretary
Mrs Susannah Muir
Holmwood Farmhouse
Tey Road
Earls Colne
Tel: 07730943277
Email: susannahmuir7@gmail.com

Breed Show Secretary and NPS qualifiers
Ms Millie Richards
13 Coles Mede
SO21 2EG
Tel: 07944 251660
Email: millierichards_612@hotmail.com