About Breeding


The Exmoor pony is a rare native breed recognised by the Rare Breed Survival Trust and is listed in their Watchlist under Priority.

There are approximately 500 breeding mares and 100 licensed, registered stallions in any given period of 5 years producing between 100-150 foals per year.

Foals are bred into the free-living herds on Exmoor – the home of the Exmoor pony – and also in in-ground and free-living situations throughout the UK, Europe and North America.

All Exmoor pony foals are inspected each year and registered into Section 1 or Section X of the Exmoor Pony Society studbook in accordance with EU/DEFRA legislation and the Rules of the Exmoor Pony Society.

Each herd is assigned a number and then each foal is assigned a number in that herd – this makes up the registration number for the pony.

For example 23/306 would tell you that the pony was from Herd 23 and that it was the 306th pony to be bred into that herd.

Breeders may also choose to register a prefix with the Central Prefix Register.

For example Herd H17 registers their ponies with the prefix Tawbitts – having a prefix makes the ponies you have bred instantly recognisable by their name.

New Breeders

If you are thinking about breeding an Exmoor pony then please read our Advice to New Breeders.  This will give you information on the process of registering an Exmoor pony.

Existing Breeders

All breeder’s are asked to advise the Society when they have bred a foal so that the appropriate paperwork can be provided to have the foal micro-chipped and inspected prior to registration in the Exmoor Pony Society studbook.

Breeders may provide this information by email at admin@exmoorponysociety.org.uk or by post at Exmoor Pony Society, Susannah Muir, Holmwood Farmhouse, Tey Road, Earls Colne, Colchester, CO6 2LD.

Please provide as much applicable information as possible from the following list:

  • Breeder name
  • Foal name
  • Foal sex
  • Foal date of birth
  • Sire name and registration number
  • Dam name and registration number
  • Address for inspection – it is useful for the Society to know this as soon as you have decided where your foal is to be inspected


For information on stallions and the stallion licensing procedures then please go to the Stallions page.

In line with current guidelines from equine and welfare organisations, the Exmoor Pony Society would ask all its members and owners to breed responsibly.