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From the Trustees

The Following statement has been made by the Trustees:
The Exmoor Pony Society Trustees together with Mr R Milton and Mrs M Floyd would like to announce the following decision.
The Exmoor Pony Society Trustees have agreed that a joint working group consisting of representatives from the EPS along with Rex Milton and Maria Floyd (members of the MEPBG) plus outside expertise if necessary shouldbe set up to work out a framework for a possible supplementary register, within the studbook and to gather information to provide a definitive definition of the "No white markings" rule.
When the results of the RBST & ENPA led Genome project are concluded there will be a means of using the information for the benefit of Exmoor Ponies worldwide. Should the findings of the working group require any changes to the rules of the Exmoor Pony Society then such changes will be put forward to the membership at an AGM or General Meeting."
The proposer Rex Milton and the seconder Maria Floyd will therefore withdraw the two resolutions served in November 2015, no 1 To clarify the White Markings, and No 2 To include a supplementary register and upgrading system within the studbook

Attached are the Agenda and Report from the Trustees Meeting of November 2015