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Trustee Nominations

Trustees of the Society are elected each year by the membership. Trustees stepping down after a four year period may seek re-election and, if elected, serve another four year term.

Any Charity needs expertise in the areas of finance, PR, law, governance and, of course, for the Exmoor Pony Society, a real interest in the ponies and the conservation of the breed. There are six Trustee meetings per year as well as smaller meetings on specific subjects. These usually take place on Zoom.

Elections will take place prior to the Annual General Meeting.  If you are a member of the Society and wish to stand for election then please return the form below to the secretary. Completed nomination forms should be received by the secretary by 5th April 2024.

Trustee Nomination form

For information on the role of a Trustee, please visit www.gov.uk and read ‘The essential trustee: what you need to know, what you need to do’.