Exmoor Pony Star

Exmoor Pony Star

Click here for 2023 nominations and voting! Voting closes at 11.59pm on 30th April 2023.

This annual competition is open to any purebred Exmoor pony of any age. Members can nominate either their own or any Exmoor pony. Members must have permission from the owner to nominate a pony.

Ponies can be nominated for any achievement during the current year. The reason for nomination can be anything from competitive achievements to being an all-around family pony or a special broodmare. Maybe your pony has taught you something special or is simply but importantly a firm friend. Is your Exmoor pony a dream come true? The pony can have passed away, but must have been alive at the start of the year.

Nominations must be submitted in less than 500 words. These words should express the reason for nomination and why the pony is a star.

Nominations to be sent to j.wharton@live.co.uk by 31st December.

Information on how to vote is sent out to all members with the Yearbook. The winner and runner up will be presented with a trophy at the AGM. The trophies are a “one off” and are for the winners to keep.

North Pony Star

The Exmoor Pony Star includes an award for Northern Pony gaining the most votes. The pony can be owned by an EPS member from another area and temporarily resident in the North (such as on loan or at stud), or can be owned by a Northern member and temporarily resident in another area. The pony must have been resident in the Northern area during the previous 12 months.

The North Star trophy, generously donated by Paula Kay, is presented at the AGM in May (or the Northern Area Show in July if the recipient is not present).