FAQs about Exmoor Ponies

How much weight can an Exmoor carry?

Larger ponies can generally carry up to about 12 stone quite comfortably. Even the smaller ones are capable of carrying a medium sized adult.

Can I trim or clip my pony?

Many people clip their ponies if working them in the winter, as it is more comfortable for the pony (and easier for the owner). Clipped ponies will need a rug.

Ponies that are to be shown in ridden or driving classes may be clipped except for the legs. Clipped ponies may NOT be shown in in hand classes until the clip has completely grown out.

Ponies should not be trimmed at all, no pulling of manes or tails, no tidying of jawline ears, or feathers.
Ponies should be shown in a natural state so no plaiting.

How much feed does my pony need?

If not in work, grass (limited in summer) or up to about 2.5kgs hay in winter when grazing is poor. Haylage can be a little too rich for them.

In work, they generally need less than many other breeds. A feed specially designed for “good doers” or native horses/ponies is the best choice.

How can I tell if a pony is registered?

All registered ponies born before 2003 are branded with either the society star and breeders number on the left shoulder and an individual number on the left hindquarter or the society star on the shoulder and an symbol (representing the herd number) and an individual number on the left hindquarter.

Ponies born between 2003 and 2010 may be identified as above OR with a microchip implanted in the neck muscle. In 2009, the micro-chipping of equines became mandatory for all horses and ponies applying for a passport and most in-ground breeders chose to microchip their ponies only.

In 2010, ponies that were to be branded at the request of the owner were no longer branded with the society star and were identified through the herd number or symbol and the individual number only.
From 2012 onwards, only those ponies remaining as part of the free-living breeding herds on Exmoor have been identified through branding all other ponies are micro-chipped only.

It is a legal requirement that every pony that in born in-ground or leaves their home farm on Exmoor must have a passport. The passport provides their identity and their registration number. If in doubt contact Susannah Muir on 07919 974514 or email admin@exmoorponysociety.org.uk

Where can I buy an Exmoor pony?

There are no public sales or auctions of ponies.

There is a sales list on this website and a list of moorland breeders contact details are available in this leaflet.

Area representatives may know of ponies for sale that are not advertised on the sales list.

Where can I find the moorland ponies?

We’ve created a map that shows the moorland pony herds. You can also find the printed map in various locations around Exmoor.

Download map here

How many registered Exmoor ponies are there?

Registered Section 1 ponies are those who meet the breed standard and whose parentage is recorded in the studbook maintained by the Exmoor Pony Society.

The number of Section 1 ponies in the UK, as of November 2022, is 3893   (94 licensed stallions,  2137 females, 1424 geldings and 238 other males).

The number of Section 1 ponies overseas, as of November 2022, is 436 (13 licensed stallions,  212 females, 121 geldings and 90 other males).

So the global breeding population of Exmoor ponies stands at 2462!

How many registered ponies live on Exmoor?

There are approximately 600 registered ponies in the Exmoor moorland herds (registered in the Studbook maintained by the Exmoor Pony Society).