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Two new projects in the Czech Republic

EXCITING NEWS Two new breeding groups of Exmoor ponies will be established in two different localities in Podyji National Park in SE Czech Republic. Initially two small founder groups are sought for export – 6 + 5 ponies (11 in total) – 2 stallions and 9 mares. The scheduled arrival of the ponies is for March-April 2017. The ponies going abroad can either be from free-living or in-ground herds in the UK. The project organisers in the Czech Republic would like to have details of ponies that owners would consider exporting so that they can choose the ponies that will go onto the two sites. If any owner/breeder is interested then please send an email giving details of the pony, a photograph and a guide price to both secretary@exmoorponysociety.org.uk and juliet@julietrogers.co.uk for onward transmission to the project organisers. Thank you.