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Here is MARCH ….

Pony: Northcroft Thistle
Age: 13 on 31st May 2017
Registration Number: 321/4
Sire: Frithesden Andrew 9/58
Dam: Avarel Angarad 270/3
Owner and Rider: Sophia Zennor Williams, age 12
Breeder:  The late Mrs E Prosser
Likes: One of Thistle’s favourite things is being rubbed by a knobbly grooming glove. If you sit on him back to front and rub his back he stretches his neck up and wiggles his nose!!  Also if you scratch the backs of both his hind legs he will try to sit on your lap!!! Thistle likes food too!! 
Dislikes: Doesn’t like it when I go home and likes to stay inside when it’s raining…
Favourite activity: Jumping!!!! Thistle has a sixth gear and turns into Ferrari Exmoor. 
Most disliked activity: Thistle doesn’t really dislike anything. 
Best friends: That would have to be Dangerous Dave..who had sadly just left the yard and of course me! 
Favourite foods: Anything edible!!! 
Thistle is my shadow. 
Thistle is a talented all round family pony having started his ridden career with mother doing everything from hunting/NPS to county showing winning Royal Cornwall in 2008. 
Thistle had three years out due to my mum being pregnant and ill.
At the beginning of 2016 we dragged Thistle out of the field and brought the hairy beast back into work  with a view to entering Devon County Show, a major event in the Exmoor Pony calendar. He went to a local show the week before where he was very excited and was very naughty!  My mum’s friend Verity rode Thistle at Devon County and we were so happy when he won the Ridden Exmoor class and qualified for Pony of the Year. I am big enough to ride Thistle now.  I started Pony Club on the lead rein with Thistle, and have since Devon County Show attended lots of Cury Pony Club rallies and training days including camp. We got 75% in our first dressage test. We have represented Cury PC at the Area dressage with qualifying scores of 77.3% and 71%. Me and Thistle are also members of BYRDS South West. We are taught by Nicky du Plessis and Jo Lees and have been selected to ride for Cornwall. This year me and Thistle are aiming to compete in WHP classes as we think jumping is great. We represent Cornwall Trec Group and would like to do more BYRDS and compete at the Dengie second round in March. 
Sophia Zennor Williams.