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At the 3 June 2019 Committee Meeting, the Trustees reviewed the voting procedures at the recent AGM. The poll vote held at the AGM in respect of the tied postal vote for the position of Trustee was carried out according to the Articles of Association however there was evidence of canvassing prior to the poll vote, such canvassing is prohibited under the Articles. The Trustees decided to exercise their powers under Article 38 to co-opt an additional Trustee and Mrs Jenna Payne was co-opted as a Trustee to the May 2020 AGM at which time she can put herself forward as a candidate for re-election.

“Article 38. The Committee shall have power to co-opt up to three additional trustees provided that the appointment does not cause the number of trustees to exceed the number fixed by or in accordance with the Articles as the maximum number of trustees. Such trustees shall hold office only till the next following Annual General Meeting and shall not thereafter be eligible for further co-option for a period of twelve months.”