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Information from the BFBA

BFBA Advice for Farriers COVID – 19

It is mutually agreed that farriery is considered essential work. We are currently at the beginning of an initial three week lock down period and in the coming weeks we will continue to liaise with them.

Whilst we agree that farriery is essential, we are also mindful of our responsibilities as individuals whilst continuing to provide hoofcare services and must adhere to the strictest biosecurity measures and the government guidelines on social distancing. Unnecessary travel should be avoided and we ask that you consider each appointment according to the following system –

RED – Farrier Should Attend – crucial hoofcare – to not attend a regular hoofcare appointments would have serious detrimental effects, promote discomfort and cause pain. This includes care of foals.

AMBER – Farrier Should Consider Delaying Where Possible – advisory hoofcare – where the timing of regular hoofcare appointments is an important factor in maintaining soundness. Consideration must be given as to whether the timescale between appointments can be extended without the equine becoming a ‘red’

GREEN – Farrier Should Not Attend – non crucial hoofcare – these include equines whose hoofcare cycles can be easily extended without any long-term detrimental affects

Whilst at the appointment –

Call ahead to verify that no-one present is ill or has been in contact with anyone who is ill.

No more than one owner or carer should be in attendance at appointments and should tie the horse up and then immediately move away to a safe distance to allow you to work.