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Exmoor Pony Festival

Last year the focus was on safety and awareness and producing the Exmoor Pony Map, the Pony Code and Caroline Tout’s fantastic film ‘ Surviving Wild’ – here’s the link:
This year the festival theme will be – FROM GATHER TO GLORY!
Celebrating the moor bred registered Exmoor pony as recognised by the Rare Breed Survival Trust (Watchlist Category 2, Endangered) across the UK.  There will be opportunities for people to meet Exmoor ponies and learn about the breed whether you are lucky enough to be down on Exmoor during the summer months or situated in other parts of the country.
Special Exmoor Pony Festival rosettes will be given out to the best moor bred pony in in-hand and ridden classes at the Exmoor Pony Society’s area shows – so that everyone can see that moor bred ponies do go on to become fantastic family ponies.
And there are walks on a number of conservation grazing sites around the UK to highlight the role of the moor bred Exmoor pony in re-establishing natural habitats in our beautiful countryside – a role they have carried out on Exmoor for centuries.
Events have been posted up on the calendar and there are still more dates to come.
If you can’t make the Stud Visits or Safaris dates on Exmoor then do let us know as we can organise stud visits and additional safaris if needed.