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The Exmoor Pony Society Breed Show takes place on the 2nd Wednesday in August on the Exford Showground.

We understand that Exford Show and, therefore, the Breed Show will go ahead on 11 August 2021.

You can download the schedule here and the entry form here.

Entries can be made directly through the Exmoor Pony Society website: exmoorponysociety.lite.events


11 August 2021 at Court Hill, Exford


Classes 1 – 9: Mr Michael Dewhurst MRCVS
Classes 10 – 14, 22 – 26: Ms Lisa Clarke
Classes 16 – 21: Ms Harriet Dean
Class 15 (HOYS qualifier): Ms Harriet Dean (Ride) / Ms Lisa Clarke (Conformation)
Reserve Judge TBC

Telephone: 01884 839930

Email: secretary@exmoorponysociety.org.uk