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Bath and West Results

Exhibitor AND Exhibit to be registered with the Exmoor Pony Society.

The Ponies to be registered in Section 1 of the Exmoor Pony Stud Book.

Horse of the Year Show

This Show is a Horse of the Year Show Supreme In-Hand Championship 2021 Qualifier. See Qualifier page for details. Geldings four years old and over are not eligible to go forward to the Supreme in-Hand qualifier.

NPS/Kilmannan Stud M&M In Hand Silver Medal Rosette Championships

These classes are qualifiers. See NPS/Kilmannan Silver Medal page.

NPS/HorseQuest M&M In Hand Summer Championship

These classes are open to pure bred registered M&M ponies in the main body of their studbook.

Owner’s membership cards must be shown in the ring to receive qualifications. Foals are not


Judge(s)          Mrs Pam Cox, Bridgwater

             Susannah Muir – Probationary Judge


                   Four years old or over, with or without foal at foot.

                                            Entries 7

3rd    613      Mrs S Wooderson & Mrs M Haynes, light brown mare, BADLEYBRIDGE EMILIA, 2017,

                   519/3, bred by: Mrs S Wooderson & Mrs M Haynes, s.Elsinore Alan Partridge,

                   d.Coedywern, Handler: Mrs Madeline Haynes

        614      Mr. L. & Mrs. G Parry, brown mare, TAWBITTS MYSTERY’S MAID, 2012,H17/145, bred

                   by: Mesdames Ablett & Langdon, s.Ebony 4/29, d.Tawbitts Mystic Marie H17/97,

                   Handler: Mr. Lloyd Parry

        615      Mr. L. & Mrs. G. Parry, brown mare, HAWKWELL CLEMENTINE, 2017,12/292, bred by:

                   Mr. J. Western, s.Hawkwell Goes Zafonic 12/225, d.Cherry 4/12, Handler: Mrs

                   Gemma Parry

4th    616      C Quantrill, bay mare, WALTERSGAY LILY OF THE VALLEY, 2016, H29/65,bred by: Miss

                   I Nash, s.Teagle Sir Kay , d.Tawbitts Penny, Handler: Carol Quantrill

1st    617      Mrs Emma Wallace, bay mare, ANCHOR GRETEL, 2011, A/585, bred by: Mrs Emma

                   Wallace, s.Heron, d.Bluecaps, Handler: Wallace

2nd   618      Mr David Hodge & Mr Julian Walters, bay mare, BLUEBARN NANCY, 2012, 371/15,

                   bred by: Mrs D E Cooper, s.Buttondown Gideon, d.Blossom, Handler: David Hodge

5th    619      Miss Jody Wheeler, brown mare, ANCHOR LOVE STORY, 2016, 05864, bred by: Mr D L

                   & Mrs E Wallace, s.Barhill Danny, d.Tonic, Handler: Miss Jody Wheeler


                   Two or three year old.

                                            Entries 3

        620      Samantha Harris, brown filly, BURREWELLE BLUE IVY, 2018, 493/6, bred by:

                   Samantha Harris, s.Dunkery Godwit, d.Knightoncombe Blue Jay, Handler:

1st    621      Mrs S Wooderson & Mrs M Haynes, brown colt, BADLEYBRIDGE BRAVEHEART, 2018,

                   QM2042, bred by: Mrs S Wooderson & Mrs M Haynes, s.Elsinore Alan Partridge ,

                   d.Blackthorn Blush Rose, Handler: Mrs S Wooderson

2nd   622      CassieJames, brown colt, ANCHOR ODYSSEY, 2019, 826025000007494, bred by: Mr

                   And Mrs Wallace, s.Anchor Ginger ale , d.Anchor Hoki, Handler: Cassie James



                                            Entries 1

1st    623      Mrs Emma Wallace, bay gelding, ANCHOR PRECIPITATION, 2020, A/738, bred by: Mrs

                   Emma Wallace, s.Anchor jaffa Cake, d.Anchor Icicle, Handler: David Wallace


                   Four years old or over.

                                            Entries 3

2nd   624      Geraldine Bowman, brown gelding, BENEDIKT, 2011, N/a, bred by: Mr W Lewis

                   Smith, s.Tawbitts Peter, d.Tawbitts Olivia, Handler: Camilla Richards

3rd    625      Carol Street And Peter Marshall-Bailey, brown gelding, WESSAXON MANUKA, 2012,

                   409/1, bred by: Carol Street And Peter Marshall-Bailey, s.Dandelion, d.Waltergay

                   Honey Buzzard, Handler: Carol Street

1st    626      Ms Ac Worsdale, brown gelding, PINKERY TAMARIX , 2003, Qm2366, bred by: Mrs S

                   Mansell, s.Old Peculiar , d.Lady, Handler: Ms AC Worsdale


                   Four years old or over.

                                            Entries 3 – result has been requested from the organisers

        627      C Handley, brown stallion, ANCHOR LABYRINTHS LORD, 2016, , bred by: E Wallace,

                   s., d., Handler: C Handley

        628      Samantha Harris, bay stallion, BURREWELLE REVEL, 2014, 493/2, bred by: Samantha

                   Harris, s.Dunkery Nuthatch, d.Cholderton Heather, Handler: Samantha Harris

        629      Mr David Hodge & Mr Julian Walters, bay stallion, BLACKTHORN POLDARK, 2016,

                   H14/65, bred by: Mrs A Nicholls, s.Blackthorn Sea Poacher, d.Thameside Whisper,

                   Handler: David Hodge


          HC23   For the Champion Exmoor Pony

                   Royal Bath & West Champion and Reserve rosette.

Champion – 617                       Reserve – 621

          HS14   For the Best Youngstock

                   From classes H78 & H79. 621

                   Exmoor Pony Society rosette.

          HS15   For the Best Gelding

                   From classes H78, H79 & H80. 623

                   Exmoor Pony Society rosette.

          HS16   For the Best Foal

                   In Class H77. 617

                   Royal Bath & West Special rosette