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2019 General Meeting

Mrs Stephanie Poulter retired as President and your new President is Mrs Ann Nicholls with Mr David Mansell as President Elect.
Mrs Sue Burger, Mr Michael Dewhust and Mrs Vicky Lamb retired as Trustees and Mr Geoff Byrant, Mrs Vicky Lamb and Mr David Wallace were elected as Trustees. 
The results of the votes on the rule changes were as follows:
Vote 1 change to Rule 8 (h) was adopted with effect from the AGM.
Vote 2 change to Rule 13 (a) was adopted with effect from the AGM.
Vote 3 change to Rule 13 (b) defeated and existing rules (b), (c), (d) and (e) will remain in effect.
Vote 4 change to Rule 13 (f) adopted with effect from the AGM.
Following the meeting, it was agreed that Mr David Brewer (Chairman), Mr Nigel Hill (Vice-Chairman) and Mr Toby Hickman (Vice-Chairman) would remain in their current positions until the June Committee Meeting.
A further report will follow giving details of the presentations and awards.