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Foal Inspection Charge


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Inspection Fee Charges are as follows:

Foal Inspection Charge

£60** At an Inspection Centre i.e. 2 or more foals or where there is no inspection centre within 30 miles

£100 (Or at the discretion of the Secretary for a ‘requested’ at home visit)

** Members receive a 50% discount and where appropriate, the Foal Inspection Charge will be divided between those present. This charge does not include a Passport

Please contact the Secretary ( / 01884 839930) once your inspection has been arranged – the Secretary will advise you of the Foal Inspection Charge allocated.

Inspection Types

Home Inspection, Inspection Fee – Member, Inspection Fee – Non-Member, Joint Inspection Fee – Member, Joint Inspection Fee – Non Member, Multiple Inspection Fee – Member, Multiple Inspection Fee – Non-Member