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Pony of the Year

In-hand (Senior and Youngstock) and Ridden

Following an in depth discussion. The EPS trustees concluded that the Pony of the Year competition had become too unwieldy in its current format and took the decision to return it to the simpler structure, it had when first held.
From 2017 qualifying ponies will be Senior & Reserve In Hand Champion, Youngstock & Reserve In Hand Champion and Ridden  & Reserve Champion from Exford Show and all area shows organised under the auspices of the EPS.
Those areas which do not hold a show may nominate one show in their area to host the POTY qualifier.  The host show must be approved by the POTY coordinator.
At the final there will be one champion from each section and an overall supreme champion. Finalist rosettes will be awarded to all who enter the final. These will be presented in the ring at the POTY Championship.
EPS showing rules apply to the competition. Qualifying exhibitors must be EPS members at the time of the Final which will be held at the Midland Area Show.
Qualifying rosettes and cards will be awarded at the relevant shows.