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Inspection Discussion Day

In preparation for the Inspection Discussion Day on Sunday, 24 April 2022, the Trustees have arranged three Zoom meetings to allow all members to express their views and ideas for topics to be discussed on the actual day :

As advised in the Winter Newsletter, the Zoom meetings will take place on

Thursday, 10 March @ 7pm

Sunday, 20 March @ 11am and

Friday, 25 March @ 7pm

David Wallace will chair these ‘member only’ meetings which will be for a maximum of 20 members on each occasion.  Additional meetings will be arranged should numbers wishing to attend surpass the 60 available spaces.

Each attendee will be sent a link to their chosen meeting and a short document outlining the purpose of inspections and a timeline of changes to the inspection process.

Please ensure that you login under your own name so that it can be recorded by the Secretary as you are admitted to the event.

Following a short introduction, each member will be given the floor for three minutes followed by a concluding statement from the Chair.  It is anticipated that this format should ensure that each event last no longer than 1½ hours.

Attendance at a Zoom meeting does not preclude your attendance at the actual Inspection Discussion Day and it is hoped as many members as possible will attend.

Please contact the Secretary (secretary@exmoorponysociety.org.uk) to book your place on your chosen date.