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Gill Langdon and Jackie Ablett Award

From Pennie Beattie

Following the sad news about Gill Langdon, I wanted to make a collection for some form of memorial for both Gill and Jacky. I spoke to Nigel and friends and family and came up with the following scheme.

The idea is for a shield which would be given to the owner of the Most Child Friendly Pony each year at the AGM. The judge at each Area Show and the Breed Show would award a score out of 100 to the pony who most fitted that description. The rider/handler must be 16 or under in the year of the show. A short description of the reason would be great, to emphasize this is not conformation nor necessarily showing ability of the pony, but rather its character, temperament and suitability as a child’s pony. Provision will be made for a sash to be awarded to the child rider/handler at each show.

It would also be nice to put the name of the donor (or their herd name) on the back of the shield. If people would like to contribute but do not wish their name to appear, I will just put ANON and of course no amounts will be displayed. If there is money left over, I propose it should go equally to the EPS and Moorland Mousie.

Pennie can be found on Facebook under Penelope Beattie – if you don’t do Facebook and would like to contact Pennie then please email secretary@exmoorponysociety.org.uk in the first instance.